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Effective Monday 9/29 we will slightly alter the practice schedules for the U6 & U8 age groups. U6 will continue to practice on both Monday & Thursday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. The only change that will occur is Stephen will leave the group 15 minutes early to work with the U8 players. Asst. coaches will continue to work with the U6 players per Stephens' instructions until the end of practice. Therefore we will need to be sure enough adults step up each evening to assist. U8 players will also continue on Monday and Thursday evenings, but will need to be at the field to start practice at 6:00 PM, practice will last until 7:00 PM or a little later for the next few weeks, while we still have a little more daylight. Stephen will instruct Brian David how to start the U8 practice at 6:00 PM and Stephen will join the group at 6:15 PM. Please be sure to have your players at the field in plenty of time before their official start time, so they are ready to go at their scheduled time. We will begin losing daylight quicker each evening and need to make the most out of our time with Stephen.  

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I am addressing an ongoing need for the soccer club. That need is for qualified referees to administer your child's games. The current adult referees are not getting younger and the average young referee last 4-5 years until they graduate high school and move on to college (and most do not come back.) We (the club) are requesting individuals to make themselves available to become a certified referee. It has always been good to have younger individuals join the ranks, and we will continue to recruit them, but we are in serious need of adults. Understand, that the center refereee has to be at least two years older than the players. If the club does not have enough age appropriate referees, the kids will not get to play. Understand that you will be taught the rules in on-line training modules and one day in a class, and you will receive training/mentoring when you start. The club will reimburse the cost of the class. The only thing you are initially responsible for are a uniform, shoes, whistle, and flags. We can direct you to a referee starter kit available for around $40.00. Referees are compensated for their time/work. It is time for adults to step up to the need and provide stable referee resources for the club. Please contact Richard Lenhart at  
Did you know referees are PAID? Persons interested in becoming a referee; please forward your name, contact information, and date of birth to the Referee Coordinator at  
This season the club is promoting Tastefully Simple products, one of our parents will be our contact person for this fundraiser. Any questions on the products or ordering should be directed to Christine Sherman at 724-944-5678 or Orders can be handed in to the Laurel concession stand or placed online at When ordering online, be sure to click on LAUREL SOCCER CLUB to ensure the club gets credit. Orders are due by October 4th, delivery of orders will begin in mid October. A copy of the order form is available on the clubs Download page.  

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