The Laurel Soccer Club has an Online Registration System.
This system will make it even easier for you to register your child.

    On this Registration site:
  • You can pay your registration fees for all your registered players
  • You can purchase your uniform shirts, shorts & socks

It is the rule of the Laurel Soccer Club, Inc. and FIFA (International Governing body of Soccer Laws)
that jewelry is not allowed to be worn on a practice or game field. This rule applies to ALL jewelry,
including starter earrings. Please do not have ears pierced, unless the
mandatory “leave in” time will expire prior to the start of the coming
season. The only exception granted by FIFA and our insurance company is
Medical Alert bracelets and necklaces, which may be worn, but must be taped
down to the chest under a shirt or taped to the wrist to prevent dangling.

By participating in Laurel Soccer Club activities, I agree:

  • Inappropriate or hostile behavior by a player or his / her family may result in the player or family member being removed from participation in the Laurel Soccer Club for a limited time or permanently.
  • To remember coaches are volunteers, they should be treated with respect even when I do not agree with them.
  • I will not openly criticize the decisions of coaches or officials.
  • Never approach a player, coach or official on or off the playing field in a negative or confrontational manner.
  • I will not condone loud or abusive language and gestures while at games, either at home fields or away games.
  • To not forget; a soccer game is a form of recreation and not a life and death struggle. I will keep a rein on my emotions regardless of who wins or loses.
Any questions, concerns or issues concerning the actions of a coach, official, player or club personnel should be addressed to the club president or referee assignor after a practice or game, if possible in writing.

Please click on the button below to register your child for the upcoming season.