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Referee Notes 2017-18

WE NEED MORE REFEREES: I am addressing an ongoing need for the soccer club. That need is for qualified referees to administer your child's games. The current adult referees are not getting younger and the average young referee last 4-5 years until they graduate high school and move on to college (and most do not come back.) We (the club) are requesting individuals to make themselves available to become a certified referee. Classes are held starting in January through the end of March the minimum age requirement is 14. It has always been good to have younger individuals join the ranks, and we will continue to recruit them, but we are in serious need of adults. Understand, that the center refereee has to be at least two years older than the players. I have heard excuses, such as I do not know anything about soccer, and its a thankless job. If the club does not have enough age appropriate referees, the kids will not get to play.

Please contact me at

Richard Lenhart, Referee Assignor.

Laurel Soccer Club

Look sharp, make the call, be safe, and be fair. "For the Good of the Game!"

Referees Get PAID

Did you know referees are PAID? Persons interested in becoming a referee; please forward your name, contact information, and date of birth to the Referee Coordinator at the email above. The PAWest Referee website (below) provides information on the certification process, and clearance requirements. To register for certification classes: check out the PAWest Referee Game Officials website listed below for current list of classes.

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